Timeline of Events

March 13th, 2003

3 pm

Megan McDonald ends her shift at American Cafe in the Galleria mall. She is scheduled to work at noon the next day.

3:10 pm

Megan is seen withdrawing cash from an HSBC bank in Middletown

7 pm

Megan is seen driving by a party attended by friends at Greenway Terrace. At this time they invite her to come in but she declines, saying she is going to hang out with other friends in Middletown. Investigators believe Megan's killer was at this party.

7:30 pm - 12 am

Megan spent time with her friends, watching "Friends" on TV. At which point, she told them that she had to return home, as she had to be up early for work the next morning

March 14th, 2003

12:15 am

Megan returned to the Greenway terrace party, but it is unclear why. The apartment was not near where her new apartment was located. She does not enter the party however, and is last seen driving away from the location

12:30 am

Megan is seen entering the parking lot of Kensington Manor apartments in her car. She is followed by a dark hatchback blasting loud music. The car was seen following her lapping the parking lot two times before the witness lost sight of them

8 am

A resident of Kensington manor notices Megan's car parked erratically in the back of the parking lot

March 15th, 2003

1 pm

A man discovers Megan's body in a secluded area off Bowser Road. However, investigators say that Megan likely was killed in the early hours of March 14th