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Statements from the family:

“Our family is disappointed with today’s news regarding the release of Edward Holley. However, his temporary release was expected. 

Since Megan was brutally taken from us, we have been advocating for the arrest of the person responsible for her murder. After patiently waiting for over twenty years, we are confident that the police have arrested the right person - Edward Holley. The process may not be easy or follow our preferred path, but we will not rest until justice is secured for Megan.”



“As the attorney for the family of Megan McDonald, I am issuing this statement in response to the news that the arrested defendant, Edward Holley, will be temporarily released from jail in connection with his arrest for the death of Megan. While this development may be disheartening for the family and those seeking justice for the victim, we were already aware of this phase of the criminal justice process.  

My office will leave no stone unturned in ensuring that the prosecution of Edward Holley now proceeds expeditiously, professionally, and ethically.   We remain committed to seeking justice for Megan and holding those responsible accountable for their actions.”


Megan McDonald, whose father was a Police Department detective, was found dead near a dirt path outside Middletown, N.Y. This week, her former boyfriend was arrested.

A 42-year-old New York man has been arrested in the 2003 murder of Megan McDonald, whose baffling case featured on "Dateline" ahead of the solemn 20-year anniversary of her death

Murder investigators are close to an arrest

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